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WindMaster wind driven ventilation

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WindMaster wind driven ventilation


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A wind driven, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use of electrical energy.

The high quality, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator combines classic design with high tech features for guaranteed long lasting performance.

Edmonds WindMaster is a wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use or electrical energy. Constructed from light-weight aluminium, it comes with a 15 year warranty for long lasting peace of mind and comfort in your home.

Available in an extensive range of 28 colours to suit most roof options.

How many WindMasters do I need?

The number of WindMasters you will need will vary based on your roof size and reasons for ventilating. As a general recommendation, 1-2 WindMasters is sufficient per 90m2 of roof space. However, for the best ventilating results, contact the Edmonds team and we can help you with a solution custom to your needs.


  • Removal of heat and moisture in roof spaces
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs and most roof colours
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings
  • SupaVent can be used as an alternative in areas where homes are in direct contact with sea spray


  • Wind driven ventilator
  • High quality aluminium
  • 28 colours
  • 15 year warranty


  • No energy consumption
  • Provides ventilation in the lowest wind speeds
  • Colour range for most roofs
  • Suitable for metal or tiled roofs

Product Specifications

Aluminium head, varipitch and flashing  
300mm throat  
Aluminium head, varipitch and flashing  
Total weight 1.9 kg
Wind speed rating 158.4 km/h


  • Poly eave vents to improve air flow through the roof
  • Whirlymate ceiling grille to improve air flow between the living area and roof space
  • Manual shutter to close vent in winter