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$328.80 Excluding GST

Wakaflex is Australia’s foremost lead-free roof flashing solution and is suitable for nearly all roof profiles and types. The inert qualities of Wakaflex mean it can be installed in direct contact with all roofing materials including tiles, slate, metal and polycarbonate. Lighter, safer and easier to use than traditional lead flashing, it’s dead simple to install with no specialist tools or sealant required, saving time and labour costs.

Exhibiting a malleability that provides a tight seal immediately, Wakaflex flashing roll is ideal for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, as well as rising parts of structures such as chimney flashings. Constructed from an aluminium honeycomb mesh embedded into a UV-resistant butyl-based rubber, Wakaflex possesses a unique self-bonding ability, quickly forming a sealed edge and improving the weather tightness of any roof. These properties also make it a terrific option for quick and secure repairs.

Wakaflex is available in four colours (terracotta, black, lead grey and brown) and can be painted to match any tile or metal roof profile once installed. In addition, it comes in three different width rolls, so you’ll be able to find a product for every application.

Completely eradicating the environmental concerns and potential health hazards for installers, this ultra-safe roof flashing is suitable for rainwater harvesting since there is no toxic or corrosive run-off, delivering water entirely free of contamination.

Wakaflex is temperature stable and can be laid in hot or cold conditions, and since it will not expand or contract, it can be installed in full 5 metre lengths. A 30mm overflash lap joint is all that’s required because Wakaflex will chemically bond with itself for a secure seal.

  • Lead-free, non-toxic roof flashing
  • 560mm wide x 5 metre roll
  • Lead grey in colour
  • Compatible with most roofing materials
  • Aluminium mesh holds roof profile after installation
  • Butyl-based rubber provides flexibility to ensure a tight seal
  • Incorporates butyl sealing strips, no additional adhesives or sealants required
  • Plastic backing strip keeps adhesive side clean prior to installation
  • Requires just a 30mm lap joint, chemically bonding to itself in 20 minutes for a secure seal
  • Suitable for rainwater harvesting systems, no toxic or corrosive run-off – complies with AS/NZS 4020:2005
  • Can be built-in to brickwork and step-flashed
  • UV resistant and temperature stable, install in any conditions
  • No expansion or contraction due to weather, so can be installed in full 5 metre lengths
  • Fast and easy installation, no special tools or skills required
  • Lightweight – 5 metre rolls weigh as little as 4kg
  • Safe for installers, no handling precautions necessary
  • Also available in 280mm and 370mm widths
  • Also available in black, terracotta and brown
  • Can be painted to colour-match any tile or metal roof once installed
  • Fire resistant, certified to BAL 29
  • CSIRO tested to comply with AS 2904:1995
  • 10 year guarantee