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Moisture Resistant 16mm

$108.65 Excluding GST

Gyprock Fyrchek has been developed to take the heat. Fyrchek’s specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core makes it ideal for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required.

Product Overview

Fyrchek’s glass fibre-reinforced core enables it to maintain structural integrity when subjected to direct flame making it an ideal board for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system.

This plasterboard is also an acoustic grade board and can be used in systems where acoustic separation is specified.

Gyprock Fyrchek can be easily identified by its pink coloured face paper.

Typical Applications

Fyrchek is predominantly specified for commercial installations in areas where there is a higher level of fire resistance and/or acoustic performance required.

Typical applications include:

  • Fire separation and smoke walls
  • Intertenancy walls and party walls
  • Multi-residential unit ceilings
  • Lift wells
  • Plant rooms
  • Any non-wet area wall or ceiling where a fire or acoustic rated system is specified


Protect plasterboard and cornice from weather and moisture. Avoid products sagging by storing horizontally, supported on a level platform or full-width support members spaced at max. 600mm centres.

Product Specifications

Product Options
Thickness 16mm
Widths 1350mm
Lengths 2400mm
Edge Profiles Recessed Edge for regular jointing
Manufacturing Tolerances
Nominal Thickness 16mm ± 0.5mm
Nominal Widths 1350mm ± 3mm
Nominal Lengths From 2400 to 4800 ± 5mm, typically in 300mm increments
Squareness Cut ends ± 3mm in the width of the board
Physical Properties
Nominal Board Weight* 12.5kg/m2
Thermal Performance:
0.07 – 0.09 m2K/W
Fire Hazard: assessed to AS/NZS3837 cone calorimeter test Average Specific Extinction Area (ASEA) 
Group Number 1
Report Reference WFRA 45759
Combustibility In accordance with BCA Clause C1.12, Gyprock Fyrchek may be used wherever a non-combustible material is required by the Code.
Total Recycled Content 9.0%