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150x3 15 kg
230x3 20kg
300x3 20kg
350x3 20kg
450x3 20kg
450x3 25kg
600x3 20kg

Rolled Lead Sheet is extremely malleable, easy to work with and hard-wearing and, as such, has protected the roofs of almost every conceivable building type for centuries.

It is the professional’s choice for a wide range of roofing applications, including: flashings, valley gutters, dormers and porches that require a flexible, high quality, long-lasting material with outstanding levels of protection from the elements.

Rolled lead sheet is the only lead sheet produced to BS EN 12588. Under this standard, the thickness consistency of the sheet must not exceed a tolerance of +/– 5% at any one point and the alloy used must conform to quality of not less than 99.774% lead.

It is this consistency which means the performance of rolled lead sheet can be predicted with confidence to ensure optimum performance when specified and fitted correctly in any given application.

We are so confident of the quality and longevity of our product that all Calder rolled lead sheet come with a 50-year guarantee, providing it is installed in accordance with our terms and conditions.