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Dektite Nu Lead

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Dektite Nu Lead

Excluding GST $46.60 Excluding GST

Fire Zone 175-330(Red)
Fire Zone 50-170(Red)
  • Won’t stain or corrode Zincalume spouting and gutters
    The acrylic coated apron significantly reduces lead leaching onto roofs and into gutters, downpipes and waterways
  • Painted surfaces will last for years
    Use any conventional acrylic paint for a great match
  • Fully waterproofs pipes, vents, flues
    Comes in a range of sizes - ideal for any penetration on a tile or slate roof
  • Quick and easy to fit
    You’ll flash it faster and easier with Dektite Nu-Lead
  • Twenty year warranty
    Just fit it and forget it - we’ve got you covered


  • Dektite Nu-Lead features a Thermo-Baked Acrylic Primer coating, which prevents leaching of lead oxides.
  • This stops corrosion and staining and makes handling much safer.
  • Nu-Lead has been extensively tested under extreme exposure conditions and conforms to AS1804-1976.
  • As a primer coating, Nu-Lead is easily painted to match any roof colour using conventional acrylic paint.

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