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Dektite Combo Square

Sydney Roofing Building Supplies

Dektite Combo Square


Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for both standard and retrofit applications
    When retrofitting is required just cut and apply for ease of application. Clips included in purchase
  • Larger square base will cover a larger opening
    So more forgiving for penetration openings and allows for steeper roof pitch
  • Unique cone design
    Provides 10mm continuous contact with flashed pipe providing a watertight seal
  • Please marks in metric and imperial measurements
    Makes for easier cutting to post size
  • Twenty year warranty
    Just fit it and forget it – we’ve got you covered



  • Trim the cone to suit post size using tin snips
  • Slide down using water as lubricant
  • Apply sealant on underside of flexible aluminium base
  • Press base to the roof profile by hand. Smooth out any awkward crease. Dont fully extend to allow for vibration
  • Fasten using self sealing fasteners or pop (sealed) rivets


  • Trim cone to suit post size then cut seam and aluminium base using tin snips
  • With seam in downstream position wrap cone around post and engage 1st double clip at top of seam using multigrips
  • Engage remaining clips working down from top of cone to base
  • Apply sealant to outside of seam closure and to underside of Dektite Combo and shape to roof by hand
  • Fasten flashing down by placing a fastener either side of seam first then secure rest of base
  • Apply sealant to top of base closure and other potential leak areas