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Bradford Fireseal FZ Roof Batt

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Bradford Fireseal FZ Roof Batt

$122.00 Excluding GST

Bradford Fireseal FZ Roof Batt 1200X90X75

Product Description
Bradford Fireseal Fire FZ Batt is an insulation material specially formulated to provide fire protection. Bradford Fireseal Fire Damper Strip is manufactured from a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled blast furnace waste products, bonded with thermosetting resin. The product has remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions. This stability is well beyond that of normal Rockwool or fibreglass insulation materials. The product can be identified by its dark brown appearance.

Bradford Fireseal Fire FZ Batts have been is designed for installation in the gap between a fire damper and the fire rated building section in which the damper is mounted. Specifically designed for use in tiled & metal roofs to help prevent the ingress of embers and flames into the roof space in the event of a fire. (See Bushfire Roofing Systems - Design Guide for further details).

• Highly durable insulation product
• Remarkable resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures encountered in fire conditions
• Can be easily cut and formed into shape to fit openings
• Excellent and cost effective fire insulation
• Performance is not adversely effected from contact with water
• Non combustible
• Biosoluble and safe to use product

Available Facings
The product is available un-faced or aluminium foil encapsulated. Any other applied facings may reduce performance.

Health and Safety
This product is manufactured from Rockwool. For further information refer MSDS sheet on Bradford website.


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
75 90 1.2