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Sydney Roofing Building Supplies

Blue Regent DX

$110.00 Excluding GST

This gives the roof paint a higher gloss and longer gloss retention. The roof will also remain cleaner for a longer period of time.

  • All roof protect colours are made from Colorbond bases using a very low tint percentage to achieve the colour required.
  • Application is approximately 6 square metres per litre (6sqm per ltr) and is available in 15 litre drums.
  • Our roof membrane is environmentally friendly and had a low VOC. It can be washed up in water. It is safe to collect water from the roof after the first wash or first rainfall.
  • We can colour match our paint to your sample swatch, pot or even an older roof chip. Colours can vary due to surface conditions and light levels. As colour accuracy can be affected by the printing of the colour swatch, we can provide samples of your final selection in real colour to ensure your total satisfaction.
  • Custom colour solutions are also readily available, just give us a call to discuss your needs.