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Dektite Premium

Sydney Roofing Building Supplies

Dektite Premium


FZ 5-127mm
FZ 150-300m

More flexible sizing for better coverage

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and 3 different colours
  • Black & Grey dektites can be painted with acrylic paint & withstand temps. up to 115 C or 150 C intermittently
  • Red silicone dektites will withstand temps up to 200 C or 250 C intermittently with a BAL rating of 29
  • Low profile base with watershed sleeve
  • Large square base will cover a larger opening
  • Twenty Year warranty – just fit it and forget it!
  • CSA Approval number 70029509

Features & Benefits

  • BAL Rated
    Black EPDM rated to 12.5 and red silicone rated to 29! Meets Australian bushfire standards
  • Low profile base with watershed sleeve
    Improves water run off and protects silicone sealant
  • Larger square base will cover a larger opening
    So more forgiving for penetration openings and allows for steeper roof pitch
  • Unique cone design
    Provides 10mm (1/2″) continuous contact with flashed pipe providing a watertight seal
  • Clear markings in metric and imperial measurements
    Makes for easier cutting to pipe size
  • Size Ranges – Numbers 0-9
    Available in Black and Grey EPDM and Red Silicone
  • Twenty year warranty
    Just fit it and forget it – We’ve got you covered


  • Always use the neutral cure low modulus silicone for sealing
  • Use 10 x 16 (⅜” x ⅝”) Hex head self-drilling screws
  • In corrosive and coastal environments fix using blind aluminium rivets