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Consolidated Alloys Lead Acrylead

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Consolidated Alloys Lead Acrylead


Consolidated Alloys Lead Acrylead 230mm x 3m Painted

Acryflash® is the new roof flashing from CA Group.Manufactured in Melbourne Australia, Acryflash® has been the leading coated lead flashing in the Australian market for over 19 years. After undergoing extensive modification, trailing and testing during 2008, the results of Acryflash® are extremely significant.

  • Most cost effective roof flashing available on the Australian market
  • Allows you to improve the look of exposed flashing by finish coating to match the roof or surrounding material
  • Has a primer coating and will withstand the elements in its own right
  • Can be top coated using a conventional acrylic house paint to improve the appearance of your flashing

Product Specifications

Model Name  Acryflash 
Material Painted Lead Sheet
Product Dimensions (mm) W:100 H:225 L:100
Package Dimensions (mm) W:100 H:100 L:230
Product Downloads:
Material Safety Data Sheet Download