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Staying Warm this Winter - How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

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Staying Warm this Winter - How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Winter is well and truly upon us! The ranges have received a good covering of snow, and the wind is promising to bring cold air towards us, so, with so many people staying home this year, its important more than ever to learn how to stay warm inside your house.

How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Even though your cold toes may trick you into wanting to keep that air conditioner pumping all day be to warm and cosy, this would cause a problem not only your electricity bill, but also the environment. With this in mind, here are some useful ways that you can make your house more energy efficient, so you can stay warm this winter.

Dress Your Windows with Coverings

A large portion of the warmth in your home escapes through your windows, so thick curtains are one of the main ways you can retain heat inside your house. This is a simple yet effective way to prevent heat loss through the windows.

Don’t forget, heat from the sun is free, so open the curtains at day to let the sunlight in, then closing the curtains once it becomes dark. Installing a pelmet will also stop the warm air escaping from the top of the window. A pelmet is a window skirt framework at the top of the window, which usually conceals curtain rails and fixtures, so will encapsulate the warmth that has been built up inside your home.

Rug Up Your House

Home warmth also escapes through hard floors. Bare floors are prone to staying cold in the middle of winter. Whether your floors are tile, floorboards, or especially concrete, they can make the house lose heat and become very uncomfortable. Laying carpets and rugs to cover large spaces act as a layer of insulation, and act as a physical barrier between your feet and the cold floor.

Rug Up Yourself

At night is when you’re likely to be sitting still, so a warm blanket on the couch goes a long way. Remember to close doors through your house and keep unused rooms undisturbed, which will prevent cold air moving into the warmer space you’ve created. You don’t want to lose it all leaving the bathroom (and its cold tiles) door open.


Properly suited and installed insulation has a double benefit: It will keep your house warm in winter, and even though right now it feels a long time away, it will also keep your home cool in summer.

Australia's leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE says that houses fitted with wall, floor and ceiling insulation can save hundreds of dollars on energy costs each year. When you compare that the initial cost of insulation, and how long it will last you, it works out as a great investment.

Insulation helps to make any heating or air conditioning in your home more effective, so have a look in your manhole or wall opening to check the condition of your insulation. You can also check our detailed article, “What are the Best Roof Insulation Options?” for more information. There are several different types of insulation which are suited to the Australian climate, including:

Glass Wool

Glass wool is one of the most popular insulation materials. It is made from fibres of glass arranged into sheets and has a texture similar to wool. Glass wool is flexible, and can be manufactured as a loose fill material, rolls, boards or as batts.

This insulation traps millions of tiny pockets of air between the strands of glass, keeping the cold air away from your house by ensuring no heat transfer by way of convection. Lightweight, flexible and resilient, glass wool also has options available:

  • Pink batts: Available in different thicknesses and R-value, Pink Batts R4.0 Glass wool increases the comfort in your home by stabilising internal temperatures and reducing ceiling and roof heat loss by 30-40%.
  • Earthwool: Available in a range of R-values and widths, Earthwool batts are super soft to handle and install. Earthwool is made using up to 80% recycled glass and are covered by an enormous 50-year warranty.

Air Cell

Australian made, the Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield is a 3-in-1 insulation, thermal break and vapour-permeable sarking, which allows users to move away from traditional methods using sarking plus bats, as well as allowing vapor molecules diffuse through it. It is designed for steel-framed wall applications for use behind lightweight cladding materials that require vapour permanence.

Bubble Cell

Sisalation Bubble Cell 100 has advanced thermal performance, reflecting up to 95% radiant heat, allowing for cooler internal conditions in summer, and any heat generated in winter will be reflected back inside, therefore the building feels warmer. It’s also less likely to form condensation inside and provides an effective vapour barrier.

Roof Vents

Most people think of the classic whirlybirds as only being useful to cool your house in summer. Roof Vents like the CSR Edmonds AiroMatic not only remove the heat load in warm months, but also reduce damaging condensation in cooler months.

Preventing moisture build-up is essential to avoid the growth of dangerous mould and mildew. Mould can compromise not only the integrity of your walls, joists, and floors but also your health. Enhancing the airflow in your home has double benefits, in that it will be cooler in summer, and getting rid of moist air in winter.

Available in a range of modern colours, the CSR Edmonds AiroMatic is an attractive feature which suits most metal or tiled roofs.

Contact Us to Stay Warm

Energy efficiency has been a vitally important subject for over 30 years, both for the environment and for your wallet. Sydney Roof and Building Supplies are here to help improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your power bills.

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