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A 2021 Guide to Buying Roof Paint

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A 2021 Guide to Buying Roof Paint

Is it time to upgrade your roof paint?

Giving the house a facelift can be a great way to spend spare time and where better place to start that with a roof makeover? Painting the roof is one way of making a home stand out. Helping to keep the roof in top shape, reducing the need to spend money replacing part or all of a neglected roof. Here’s a quick guide to buying roof paint in 2021 for homeowners and property investors alike.


Different Roof Materials Need Different Paints

Before starting on painting the roof, find out what it is made from, to determine the type of paint that is needed.

Painting Concrete roof tiles

Technically speaking, concrete roof tiles don’t normally require painting. However, most homeowners have them painted for aesthetic improvement. Many roof painters, on the other hand, recommend painting them to help extend their lifespan.

Roof Protect Concrete Tiled Primer is one of the best products to use on concrete tiles. It is made using 100 per cent acrylic emulsion, which intensifies its adhesive property. This creates a solid barrier that disables the absorption of calcium salts. This primer protects the roof membrane that allows it to hold its colour and gloss longer than most other concrete primers. It can cover approximately six metres per litre and can be bought in 15-litre drums.

Painting Colorbond and metal roofs

Metal roofs are the cheaper alternative to tiled roofs, and they are 100 per cent recyclable. Colorbond roofing is even cheaper than other metals and has become popular in Australia. It weighs just 1/10th of other metal roofing and does not absorb any water. It is also safer against bush fires, as it is non-combustible.

Colorbond roof sheets don’t necessarily need painting, but painting Colorbond and metal roofs could make them more durable. When buying roof paint, consider Roof Protect Metal Primer Plus. It is manufactured using premium styrene acrylic, which makes membrane layers highly adhesive for years to come. This paint can be matched to more than 30,000 colours.

Rust Inhibitor Primer deals with rust. It is made using an acrylic emulsion with quite a high adhesion and was also engineered to include several pigments that have rust killing properties. It dries to the touch in 30 minutes or less and dries completely hard in 4 to 5 days.


What is The Best Colour for a Roof?

Now that the roof material has been identified, the next step is to choose the colour. This is the fun part, especially now that there are more options to choose from than ever before. However, choosing the right colour roof paint is not only a question of aesthetics.

Light colours can make a home more energy efficient

Roof colour can help energy efficiency - lighter colour roofs reflect the sun’s heat much better than darker ones. Roof painted in white, beige, light bronze, light green, peach or light blue is recommended in sunny regions.

Roofs with a lighter colour will protect homes can also help reduce the load on air-con, which can lower energy bills by at least 25%.

Roof Colour Must Compliment the Building’s Colours

When buying roof paint, consider the home’s overall style, including the siding or wall, windows, doors, and the surrounding landscape.

Take a look at different colour samples at different times of the day. This will help make sure that the colour you like looks good both when the sun is shining brightly and when it is going down, as colours look more subdued during sunset.

Achieve your desired effects

Today’s colour choices are virtually limitless. So, achieving a particular effect with the roof colour is relatively easy. A colour that contrasts with your home’s sidewalls will make your home command attention. On the other hand, choosing a similar colour will create a monochromatic effect that conveys a more classic feel.

Light versus dark colours also has a pleasant effect. A roof with a lighter colour will make the house seem taller. In contrast, a darker colour will make a tall roof appear less daunting.

Take note of neighbourhood trends

It is understandable if to have the home’s overall look reflect the owner’s personal taste, however, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the general trends of roof colours in the neighbourhood. Some neighbourhoods have an unwritten aesthetics trend and it would be a good idea to work with it, instead of making the house stand out for the wrong reasons.

We Make Buying Roof Paint Easy

At Sydney Roof & Building Supplies, we have friendly and highly knowledgeable staff members available to offer you advice and help whenever you need it. We know that homeowners like to have choices, and that’s what we’ll give you.

We can match our roof paint to more than 30,000 colours, so the possibility for you is virtually endless. We stock only the best roof paint available on the market today. Sydney Roof & Building Supplies also offers a variety of roofing materials, all carefully sourced, for your other roofing needs.

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